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Are you seeking a dynamic, compassionate, and highly qualified speaker for your upcoming event? Look no further than Dr. Jonathan J. Tomlin, a renowned traumatologist, licensed professional counselor, and nationally certified counselor with a wealth of expertise across diverse therapeutic modalities.


About Dr. J Tomlin LPC, NCC


Dr. Tomlin brings a comprehensive skill set honed through years of dedication and education. His proficiency spans many therapeutic techniques, including strength-based coaching, existentialism, trauma therapy, multicultural awareness, and cognitive behavioral therapy.

Educational Prowess

Dr. Tomlin's journey through academia has culminated in an Ed. D. in Community Care Counseling, specializing in Traumatology. He further solidified his knowledge base by attaining a master's in School and Mental Health Counseling from the prestigious University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, PA. His undergraduate studies in religion and psychology were enriched with professional life and business coaching certificates.

Corporate Impact

Beyond individual counseling, Dr. Tomlin is a seasoned strategist, well-versed in aiding CEOs, entrepreneurs, business owners, and professionals to formulate strategic plans for growth and sustainability. His insights into optimizing business operations have proven invaluable to many enterprises.

Clinical Experience

Dr. Tomlin's journey commenced as a professional counselor at various mental health agencies, including roles at Mercy Medical Center and multiple local hospitals. His impactful work extends to his time as a school counselor in Philadelphia, where he touched the lives of countless students.

Versatile Counselor

Dr. Tomlin's versatile career encompasses roles as a K-12 School Counselor, Life Coach, Behavioral Therapist, and expert in Couples/Family/Child Counseling. His wealth of experience positions him as a true luminary in the counseling field.

Resilience and Empathy

Dr. Tomlin's remarkable life story as a survivor of systemic abuse, spending 12 years in the foster care system and enduring unimaginable hardships, fuels his unwavering commitment to understanding and aiding those with traumatic pasts. His empathy and resilience are a beacon of hope for others who have faced adversity.

Book Dr. Jonathan J. Tomlin for Your Event

His engaging speaking engagements are informative and inspirational, impacting audiences of all backgrounds. Dr. Tomlin's insights into trauma, mental health, and personal growth resonate with diverse audiences, offering actionable takeaways for positive change.

Join the ranks of esteemed institutions, organizations, and businesses that have benefited from Dr. Tomlin's transformative wisdom. Empower your audience and foster resilience with Dr. Jonathan J. Tomlin.

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